Your teen years are a time in your life where you’re forced to make important decisions, decisions that will bring you one step closer to reaching your goals. It’s important to understand how using marijuana while your brain is still growing and developing –– up until your mid-twenties –– can get in the way of you experiencing the moments that matter most. It’s important to be educated and informed when it comes to cannabis use so that you can successfully overcome challenges and reach your goals.

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Despite a decrease in cannabis use among youth in recent years, marijuana remains the most commonly used illicit drug among Canadian youth ages 15 to 24. You owe it to the young people in your life to talk about cannabis, its health effects and the consequences of underage use. Whether you’re a parent, teacher or coach, it’s time to start talking. Your words have power and keeping an open line of communication can help your teen make confident decisions in their lives.

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Cannabis is the most common substance used on a daily basis by adolescents, even more than alcohol. If you are an individual working with youth–in public and community health, youth support services, addiction and mental health, education and enforcement–here are some tips on how you can effectively communicate information about cannabis with the young people in your life.

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If alcohol, drugs or gambling are causing problems for you or someone you know, call the Manitoba Addictions Helpline at 1-855-662-6605 (toll free) or the Youth Addictions Centralized Intake at: 1-877-710-3999. For information about our programs and services please visit Mental Health & Addictions, Shared Health.


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